1 Ton Dump Truck

Shopping for construction equipment such as Dump Trucks can be at times a hard task. It's not everyday a consumer is looking to purchase these types of vehicles and as such can be hard to find depending on your area. If you are looking for a general website to find a Dump Truck in your location I would recommend using trucker company. It's like using auto trader company, however, it's made for public sales of trucks for construction uses. There you'll be able to look at different used trucks such as a 2000 CHEVROLET 3500 or a 2000 FORD F350.

For used ones you should look to spend $ 15,000 plus on a good quality 1 ton dump truck. New ones can cost $ 30,000 plus depending on the brand and packages you get for the cab. You can also look at your local GM and Ford Dealerships for which both companies sell construction vehicles. For example, General Motors sells C-Series. Their C-Series trucks start at the 4500 level and continues up to the 8500 level all of which has different weight classes from being able to carry! 6,000 pounds up to 46,000 pounds of weight.

Taking into consideration several factors will assist you in purchasing a 1 ton dump truck. You will want to make sure that the vehicle can withstand the weight you are looking to haul. For 2,000 pounds of weight you would want to make sure that the axle of the vehicle can hold together while the pressure builds from the weight on the vehicle. Most cars can haul 2,000 pounds of weight so you should have nothing to worry about. You would also want to make sure that the vehicle has anti lock brakes because while hauling that much weight your stopping time will be longer. A luxury would be to have front and rear spring aids which as you drive they can stabilize the truck while making turns and going over bumpy roads.

Overall, take a few things into perspective before purchasing vehicle. Take into consideration your budget, your overall need of the vehicle for example will it be more desirable to purchase new or used, and lastly what the vehicle you're looking for has to offer.

Source by Ray B Spencer

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