5 Accessories For Diesel Performance

Diesel performance has come a long way. Let’s face it, trucks have not always performed as well as they do today. Diesel engines originally were only good enough to run construction equipment. As technology advanced so did the uses, until today when we see trucks and even some cars powered by diesel.

With the popularity of diesel engines, there are many aftermarket accessories available to increase the performance of your diesel engine. Below are 5 of the most popular accessories for increasing diesel performance:

Diesel Performance Fuel Systems

The fuel system is a popular diesel performance upgrade that is usually done on most diesel trucks. Unfortunately most diesel trucks fuel tanks are mounted at least two feet below and ten feet away from the fuel pump and this can cause problems with the fuel delivery to the engine, one of the biggest ones is retarded timing. If you upgrade your fuel system to a diesel performance fuel system some of the benefits you will experience are; increased horsepower, increased fuel economy, reduced engine and cab noise and a smoother idle and quick throttle response.

Performance Exhaust Systems

Another major modification that is very popular for diesel trucks is to add a larger diameter and less restrictive exhaust system. A larger diameter and less restrictive exhaust system relieves back pressure on the engine because now it will not have to exert the effort as much effort to push the exhaust away. The main benefit of adding diesel performance exhaust system is better fuel economy and a longer lasting engine. This diesel performance accessory is especially important if you have already added a performance module because the exhaust system will help to keep temperatures lower, resulting in the engine not having to work as hard.

Diesel Fuel Injectors

One of the most popular accessories is upgrading to performance diesel fuel injectors. The main benefit to upgrading your fuel injectors is of course more power and better fuel economy. Diesel performance fuel injectors come in a wide variety of makes and models and can add up to 150hp to your diesel engine.

Diesel Performance Modules

Diesel performance modules are another accessory upgrade that is most commonly completed on a diesel engine. One of the benefits of adding a diesel performance module is the module can provide up to a 35% increase in torque and an additional 150 horsepower. It can also increase fuel mileage by about 10%. Another added benefit of installing a diesel performance module is that you will not have to reprogram the truck’s main computer chip. You can just install the performance module in any areas where there is a gap between the computer and fuel injection.

Cold Air Intake Systems

Upgrading the cold air intake system is another way to get great diesel performance out of your diesel truck. The cold air intake is sealed away from hot engine air and it is used to bring down the temperature of the air going into a diesel engine. The main benefit of installing a cold air intake is an increase of the power of the internal-combustion engine and with the higher percentage of fuel being burned the better it is for fuel economy.

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