5S Seiketsu

Most of the larger companies around the world have implemented the 5S process or system in order to improve the productivity and overall performance of their businesses. The results which these companies achieve after implementation of the 5S process are:

– reduction in training cycles as well as call time
– reduction in stored parts inventory
– improvement in productivity, levels of quality, safety and morale of workers
– reduction in the rate of accidents which happen
– reduction in machine downtime

Seiketsu which is the fourth part of the 5S system is used for standardization. This part of the 5S system helps workers practice the best rules for standardization for their work area. These standardized rules can be developed by incorporating the workers because these are the people who know the most about their work areas and can give the most valuable information.

At the end of the process, everyone should be able to know what their responsibilities include and how exactly they are going to perform the task. During the standard development process, the workers should be motivated so that the standards are maintained. Standards that need to be applied include:

– work instructions
– color coding
– procedures
– coloration of surroundings
– warning marks and signs
– name plates and labels

One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that standardization is important so that unusual situations and abnormalities can be detected to help people react immediately. Everyone at the workplace needs to be properly trained so that there is better understanding of the standardization system.

Source by Jasmin Z

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