Afternoon Tea: Appliance Recycling Price Adjustment Hon Hai Hand Sony

Recovery price of 3 yuan TM to adjust the cost of recycling home appliances

Capacity of 50 liters to small


, Price of 3 yuan recovery; washing capacity 1.5 kg washing machine below, the cost of recycling 3 yuan; 5-12 micro-inch CRT TV, recycling price is 3 yuan. It is understood that these three

Small appliances

Is this new price list in Beijing in home appliances TM to recover. October 26, Beijing-renewable resources and the thrift industry association issued a notice on the original list of recycling Jiujia Dian increase the recovery of the price of three small electrical appliances. This is the practice in August in Beijing appliance “TM” policy, for the first time on the “collect old” link to price adjustment.

Household appliances export in Brazil is subject to mandatory certification

Brazil has issued a new notification, household appliances mandatory certification. The household appliances market access for mandatory certification as a means, is an international practice. It is understood that the Brazilian made compulsory certification in two ways, first, testing and quality management system assessment, and second batch certification. Mandatory certification of products from Brazil officially recognized certification bodies, certification mark to be affixed to the product and product packaging.

White electrical pattern of the new Legend of the finalized

Appliances in the United States valued 720 million yuan will announce its business into Rongshida Little Swan, the traditional

Air conditioning

US-led groups, have been completed in all areas of white goods brand production layout. At the same time, after two years of “love long-distance running in the acquisition of the controlling shareholder of Kelon


White appliances assets has also been put on the agenda. At this point, the wind is going Chung industry market structure of domestic white trend has been finalized, in addition to the existing Department of thriving Haier, the U.S. department, Hisense Kelon system expansion through the acquisition of capital bonds, has been formed on the impact of counter Haier situation. In addition, including Siemens,


, Samsung and other overseas departments, including white long coveted the Chinese market, now also in the military preparations being mad, its pattern of Chinese white market impact should not be underestimated.

Company News

Samsung plans capital increase in 2010 200 million U.S. dollars in China engaged in R & D



Global R & D strategy will be held in Guangzhou, China last week for the first time moved. Samsung Electronics CTO (CTO) Lee Sang-wan said to the newspaper reporters, planned capital increase in 2010 R & D in China 200 million U.S. dollars, and makes the scale of China’s domestic R & D staff to 5,000 people to adapt to the Chinese market in the importance of the status of Samsung’s global strategy .

For Sony, Hon Hai

together to sell 2 million units in China LCD TV

Hon Hai and


Together again, Hon Hai in China next year as Sony sold two million LCD TVs, and 400 million consoles, responsible for manufacturing and channels by the Hon Hai


For Sony to return to the throne of old TV leader.

Material consumer exposure

Electrolux appliances such as a security risk on the Heibang

Jiangxi Province Quality and Technical Supervision recently announced 2nd quarter of 2009, automatic rice cookers product quality supervision and spot checks of provincial results, Electrolux and other 5 batches of product safety hazards exist on the Heibang. The supervision and random spot checks of 28 companies a total of 32 production batches of products, qualified 27 batches of samples passing rate of 84.4%, increase over last year by 4.4 percentage points. The main problems: First, grounding failure, and second, the power cord connection and external cross-sectional area is small, 3 is the actual input power and nominal power rating than the standard deviation of all specified requirements. Sampling results show that the current rice cooker on the market in Jiangxi quality problems remain, mainly because some manufacturers in obtaining 3C certification, relaxing the strict requirements for quality, quality consciousness, to reduce costs, use of quality time the lowest result accessories. Substandard products on the supervision and spot checks, Jiangxi Province Bureau of Quality Supervision said it would enforce the law.

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