Cars That Run on Water – Fact or Fiction

Does the idea of cars that run on water sound preposterous to you? Is it hard to imagine that you can increase your car’s fuel efficiency by more than 100 percent just by using a water fuel cell?

The fact is an amazing new technology has been developed to allow cars to use water to maximize fuel efficiency. This new invention is so cost-effective; scientists aren’t even willing to share it with the public. They would make no profit from the product, and their expensive fuel research would be stopped almost immediately!

You may be wondering exactly what kind of cars could run on water. The answer will surprise you. With the use of a converter, any engine can use water to improve fuel efficiency. These inventions can be added both to diesel and to gasoline engines.

To say that the car actually runs on water is slightly misleading. In fact, the car runs on a combination of water and gasoline. The water is available in a quart-sized container filled with water and a small amount of baking soda that is installed beneath the hood. A vacuum diverts the fuel exhaust back into the water.

A tiny charge of electricity is supplied to this water through a connection to the battery. The electrical current splits the water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is then directed to the motor’s carburetor, and the vehicle is then supplied with hydrogenated exhaust fuel, which makes the fuel burn more completely.

Although you may have read about the possibilities of hydrogen power, this power is actually very dirty to produce. In addition, the process is risky; hydrogen in this form is potentially very explosive. Between the risk and the pollution, this type of hydrogen power is actually a worse alternative to fuel.

In contrast, cars that run on water can manufacture their own hydrogen power, as it is required by the car. Virtually no risk is involved. In addition, the engine exhaust is much cleaner than that of a standard engine because the fuel is burned more thoroughly. In fact, the primary end product of this fuel source is water!

Cars that run on water will save you thousands of dollars each year. Take a few moments to read about the technology, before you make the decision that will put the money you have been giving to major fuel companies back in your pocket!

Source by Adam Hefner


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