Catering Truck – The Mobile Food Court

Catering trucks have enabled small scale food service business to flourish and reap benefits by moving their truck from one particular location to other. There are many advantages which are assigned with these catering trucks when you move from one location to another and spread your business. The foremost advantage being among all is the varied customer base. More number of customers you have the more the benefits. For this to happen, you require multiple menu options which are served according to the location. Catering truck business is considered to be more advantageous than the stationary restaurants as they have specified and limited customer base belonging to the surrounding areas.

As you would be targeting different people, you need to plan your menu in such a way that you always have a wide variety of options for serving. The regular breakfast items, fast foods items, coffee, snack items or even boxed lunch packs can be served to keep the business flourishing irresponsive of the locations. You will find these catering trucks in many industrial areas, where the factory workers and office employees depend on these catering trucks for their daily breakfast and lunch. Hot dogs, sizzlers, desserts, sandwiches etc are the common items listed in the menu.

In the beginning, food vendors used metal or wooden carts for food service business. With new rules implemented by the government for a cleaner environment for cooking food, these food vendors were asked to upgrade to the new and the modern catering trucks which had the modern kitchen following all the guidelines set by the government. These trucks also have the modern sanitary solutions for cleaner environment. The basic thing that one has to choose is the vehicle for which they would like to go in for the catering services. Typically, for such businesses the start-up costs are low. The next thing has to be done is to equip the vehicle with all the necessary equipments that are required in the kitchen which meets all the local sanitary regulations.

Stainless steel sinks, a refrigerator, grill, oven and a small water tank form the basic needs of the catering truck along with other small accessories which are part of kitchen materials. The person willing to invest can choose from a brand new catering truck available in the market or look out for a used truck which will serve its purpose. But, before you start your new business, you require the mobile food vendor license which is issued by the government. You can contact your local government office for further details about the license.

Furthermore, the other way one can start of the mobile food service court is by approaching a franchise. When you purchase a franchise offer, they will provide the complete equipment including the catering truck, which will allow you to operate the business quickly. However, in order to increase the business and reap benefits, one can look at increasing the services apart from the existing ones.

Source by Yew Chin

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