Collecting Diecast Trucks – A Beginner's Perspective

How did it start? Diecast Trucks was something that had always interested my mother! She was always a fan of Trucks or Lorries as they are also known, especially the Eddie Stobart branded range, which led her at one point to buy a whole box full to add to her collection. My father on the other hand, although he was also a collector of Diecast Models, his main interest lay mainly with buses, coaches and trams of yesteryear.

The passion for collecting Diecast Trucks had never transferred to me, but after losing both my parents within a space of five months, my brother and I were left with the daunting task of sorting through a mountain of books, nicknacks and of course my parents collections of trucks and public transport. It was at his time that a spark of interest flickered inside me and having agreed that I could take possession they were promptly placed in a large box and transferred to the attic where they remained for the last two years, until I went up there for a completely different reason and rediscovered the Diecast treasure.

Six months later the models are all now back on display on a number of shelves in the spacious bedroom, in their original boxes of course! I have now reached a point where I am starting to specialize in one or two genres, having reluctantly decided to dispose of my dad's collection, it is now partly financing my collection of trucks. The range and quality is amazing, and having decided to collect Peterbilt and Freightliner trucks, both manufacturers from the USA, it means that on my annual trips to Florida I will be bringing back Diecast Trucks instead of Mickey Mouse for a change.

Source by Chris Norcutt

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