Converting a Truck to Run on Propane – What Are the Pros and Cons?

Fuel station availability is probably the biggest negative factor of converting a truck to propane. You should always know where the propane locations are where you can fill the tanks. Be sure to know the times they close also. Many propane distributors close on weekends or in the evenings. The more educated you are on the locations to fill up your tanks this negative factor won’t even affect you at all.

Although propane doesn’t cost as much as gasoline it is still linked to the same petroleum used to make gasoline. The same reserves are used to make propane, which is in huge demand already. Propane doesn’t and will not cost as much as gasoline but this type of fuel is not renewable. This is a big factor because you are still relying on the reserves of fuel that are depleting every day.

Converting a truck to propane also requires you install it in the right place. The tanks need air to breath and room. You cannot place tanks in an enclosed place or you will have a serious hazard. This negative factor has caused vehicles to explode. There is a danger associated with propane that can be scary if you do not take proper precautions with this type of a conversion.

There are a few cons to converting a truck to propane you might want to consider. If you are converting your truck for off-road purposes you most likely won’t care because the benefits far outweigh the cons. You should always be aware of the nearest fueling stations and the hours of operation so you are never left stranded.

Source by Jonathon Winburg

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