Covering Your Backside, Seat Covers And Your Ford Truck

If your Ford truck is anything like mine, your seats are bound to take a beating. Most F-150s and Super Dutys pull, well, double or triple duty on a good day. It starts early on the jobsite, loading bruising drums of paint or bucking bricks into the bed while a handy of Breakfast Jacks stew in the passenger seat. It continues with grass-stained juvenile springs hitching rides to and from practice. And, if you're lucky, it'll end with a quick swing by the lake or a muddy driving range.

Now, it may sound like some protective floor mats are more in order than a set of car seat covers in these cases. But, take a closer look at the situation. Those tasty drive-through morsels drip grease like a rusty fry basket. You've probably sat in God-knows-what at the jobsite (and maybe even on that oh-so-clean porta-john seat). The kids? Well, they like to sit cross-legged with their cleats gouging mud, sand and grass deep into the cushions. Those thoughtless little pigs. Meanwhile, your Levi's rivets are doing their damage throughout the day. Without sturdy seat covers, your interior stands no chance.

Here's some more scary news: the condition of your interior is the most important factor in trade-in / resale value after mechanical soundness. Perfect, Now, remember that how much you can squeeze out of somebody else for this Ford rig factors heavily into how much you'll pay for the next spankin 'new F-150 or Super Duty you covet. Luckily, you have a number of options for protecting your investment regardless of your budget.

Your cheapest alternative is to throw a blue ground tarp or some pallet wrap around your seats. Each only costs a few bucks, and they look freaking terrible, but they'll stop water and they come with the enduring feature of hose-off cleaning. But, there's zero comfort to this solution. Next up the list is a set of universal seat covers from a big box store. They'll get the job done and they look better than tattered paint tarps, but they're about as baggy as those pants you wish you could confiscate from your wayward son with an identity crisis.

Here is your best option: a set of custom Ford truck seat covers. Sure, they'll cost a few bills up front – you might have to clip beer coupons or drop down to Pabst for a month or so to cover the cost. But, remember, they'll pay for themselves in the long run. The custom fit means they'll look awesome. And, because your specific seats are taken into account, custom Ford truck seat covers will handle features like armrests, headrests, cup holders and consoles, while cheapo covers will simply hide them from view or use. In fact, true custom seat covers fit, feel and protect so well, they're often mistaken for the work of a pricey upholstery shop – or for performance racing seats.

So remember your seats when you're thinking about protecting your Ford truck. It may not always be the obvious attack that does them in – like wet passers or passers wetting. It could be brash brats, dirty germs, or the disconcerting rumble in your gut caused by two-for-one breakfast burritos. Get some Ford truck seat covers now, before the next enemy rears its ugly head.

Source by Andrew Bernhardt

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