Deliver Vehicles Bought at Online Auctions and Classifieds and Get Paid to Drive Them!

Online auctions and online classifieds have created a market for drivers to deliver vehicles and get paid to drive! No longer does the average Joe Smoe have to purchase a vehicle from their local dealership or classifieds! Vehicles are being bought from across the nation and these purchases open the door to a new business venture!

There are other windows of opportunity, in this business, too! Many corporations furnish vehicles, to some of their employees, and they pay to have these vehicles delivered.

Also, we can not forget the "snow birds" … people that have northern homes but love to travel south during the colder months! Many of these will have their vehicles moved and, once again, you can get paid for driving!

Anyone, age 21 or older, can start a driveaway business if they have a valid driver's license. There is no need for a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) or DOT! Not only that, you do not even have to provide insurance … the customer will provide that!

Autos, 1/2 – 3/4 and 1 ton trucks and RV's can be driven without CDL or DOT. You can drive luxury cars, sports cars, light trucks and RVs to all of the lower 48 states and get paid to see the country.

Some driveaway companies will require a "refundable deposit" before you can set up a delivery for them. Basically, you make a deposit, before driving, and when the vehicle is delivered, unfortunately, the deposit is returned to you. Also, there are few driveaway companies that have a "age 23" requirement.

Joining a "free membership" site will allow you to bid on driving jobs, of your choice, with no pressure to bid on or drive anything that you do not want to drive. You choose the vehicles that you bid on and the destinations that you want to travel to. Most of these sites have free membership and no money up front by the service provider (you, the driver).

It does not matter if you join an established driveaway company or if you join a "free membership" site, you need to read the "User's Agreement" to understand all of the requirements.

With proper planning you can find vehicles going both ways and get paid round trip! You can even use this method for your vacation … contract and get paid to drive a vehicle to your vacation area, deliver the car and then spend your vacation time. Contract and get paid for driving a vehicle back to your home area! Remember, you bid on the vehicles that you want to drive and the destinations that you want to go to!

So, check it out! You will be surprised how easy it is to get started and there is no doubt that you will enjoy traveling at the expense of others!

Source by Terry L Grimes

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