Employment and the Job Market

The job market has changed. The job requirements are more than what they used to be a decade ago. For one to be hired today, he/she has to meet all the specific requirements and convince the boss that he/she can do the miracle to contribute to the agency life profit. Otherwise, another substantial candidate will be next interviewed.

The job market has changed so much that the boss does not even want to pay the regular post salary. Employers prefer to hire a few people for the job rather than hiring the number of people that could probably handle it. Employers don’t pay benefit anymore and the employees, unfortunately, have to hold their positions to be able to provide for their families and/or face their family situations. 10, 20 years ago, employers would do the hiring process with a guarantee benefit packet that would offer everything ranking from a 401 K or B plan to a life insurance plan.

Nevertheless, these set of benefits have long changed. The job position does not give any security or stability for families to plan their children futures. For instance, a head of household used to hold his/her job for many years and would retire with a good 20 or 30 years of pension. Consequently, today the employee is only hired for a 2-year contract without promotion.

Children of our generation cannot even get the job they apply for and when they do the hiring position does not offer any benefit or/and a reasonable salary. As a result, children of our generation have more debts with no hope to achieve their goals or meet their short-term expectations.

Having a job is the only thing that helps make our parents and brothers and friends who are not born from a wealthy family to feel proud having the certainty they can provide for their families and support themselves. Children of our generation have seen an increase in the unemployment rate that has affected their family lives and/or personal relationships.

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