Fastest RC Car – Remote Controlled Cars For Grown Ups

If you always believed that remote control cars were just for kids, you better give it a second thought. Now it has become a popular hobby among the grown ups as well. There are many cars available from which you can choose. One always wants to own the fastest RC car, but it is always advisable to follow the sequence. If you are a beginner, you must not directly jump to a nitro engine car. The electronic cars are the best way to start and then finally reach the fastest remote control car.

The gas that goes in to the fuel of the nitro engine that makes it the fastest RC car is a mixture of nitro methane, methanol and oil. That means you can not use regular gasoline and spoil these special engines. But it is not that the materials and the equipment required for your fastest remote control car is difficult to get. You can even simply go for the package deal in which you get all everything that is required to operate this fastest RC (or radio control) car. With all this you can get the batteries, the charger, the fuel, a wrench and also a fuel bottle that makes it very convenient to put the fuel into the engine.

These cars score well over the electronic cars in terms of their speed and many other things as well. The electronic car can not be called as the fastest remote control car and also need constant recharging and also are slower than the nitro engines.

You do not need to practice a lot before you are ready to take a drive in your fastest radio control car. All you have to do is to practice for a little time in a field and then you are ready to hit the road with the fastest remote control car in the beginner’s category.

The fastest RC car till today as per the records is the Nic case’s Schumacher Mi3 which also holds the world record of the fastest RC car with a recorded maximum speed of 161.76 miles per hour. It uses the technology that is actually employed in remote control helicopters and remote control airplanes which certainly give it the title of the world’s fastest remote control car.

Source by Mike Hernandez

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