Features of Honda Lawn Mowers

Honda has been an industry leader in providing quality and reliable products ranging from garden tools to automobiles. The company has been the runner in the field of lawn mowers. It is not only the motorbikes and automobiles that Honda manufactured has received worldwide acclaim, but also lawn mowers and water pumps. When it comes down to choosing a new lawn mower, it is no wonder that many people choose to buy Honda for its quality and performance.

Since 1953 Honda has manufactured environmental friendly and efficient four stroke engine for lawn mowers and water pumps. Honda lawnmowers are not just like any other stereotype lawn mower. They are designed and manufactured incorporating all the technical knowledge and skill that Honda have perfected since their entry into the lawn mower market.

Utilizing the universally acclaimed four stroke engine, along with the unique twin blade system, a Honda lawn mower is literally the best in the market. Their powerful four stroke engines incorporate all safety standards and environmental issues as laid down by the US legislature. They are CARB-certified, fuel efficient, less noisy and reliable. The engines are designed to start easily. They are durable and are built with quality materials and are designed keeping up with latest designs and patterns. The Honda mowers need less force to start the engine due to the latest technology incorporated.

The twin blade system in Honda lawnmowers has enabled maximum efficiency in lawn mowing technique, giving a superior cut and clean look to the lawn. This includes improved mulching by creating smaller cuttings that are added back to the grass to feed back much needed nutrients to the lawn. It has a better bag capacity to collect any unwanted cuttings. The technology incorporated by Honda in mower production is second to none. The grass collection bags have been designed for simple removal and easy replacement. There are no buttons, levers or catches that require unnecessary effort.

Each wheel on the Honda lawnmower is supported by ball bearing system providing flexible, smooth and greater manoeuvring on the lawn. The Ergo Active handle is designed to provide total adjustability to give the best and most comfortable handling position. Honda manufactures both residential and commercial land mowers. Residential land mowers are small and efficient to handle. Commercial land mowers help to achieve neat and designer lawns with specially designed blades to mow huge landscapes.

Most of the Honda lawnmowers are subject to minimum of three year warranty to maximum of five year warranty offering customers their best services.

Source by Victor Thomas

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