Ford Pickup Trucks Custom Sound – Subwoofer Upgrades

Add Custom Bass to your Ford F-150 or Super Duty Pickup Truck

Lets face it, your ford F-150 comes with a stock CD player receiver but even
their premium sound system leaves a bit to be desired. It does not matter if you
drive a regular cab, super cab extended model or the crew cab, your truck has
wasted space that is just 'crying out' to be used.

Custom Bass Sound

Sorry, but any stock radio may provide the basic AM / FM plus a CD Player but
there is little to be said about the sound quality. Even the so called "premium"
sound systems lack real sound quality. The fastest and easiest way to add
quality sound to any Ford Pickup is to add BASS or a subwoofer to your system.
Of course when you start considering the size of the 8 ", 10" or 12 "subwoofer
and the necessary enclosure, plus an amplifier to power that speaker, you start
really getting concerned about that space.

Ford F-150, F-250 and Super Duty Truck owners

This is very common problem faced by Ford F-150, F-250 and Superduty Pickup
Truck owners. They want Great Sound but destroying the interior of your new
truck is out of the question. Plus no one wants a huge box sitting on their back
seat. After all, you purchased the truck to enable use of the back seat.
Well, there are a few ways to handle this, all depending on your budget and your
specific model Ford pickup.

Custom Bass Subwoofer Enclosures

These new custom subwoofer boxes are
available in a variety of colors to match the interior of your particular
vehicle and so you do not have to compromise its cosmetic integrity. This is
especially nice for those who lease their vehicles and want to enjoy additional
bass without the added hassle of messy installations. The material used in these
custom enclosures is a high density polyethylene resin, which is resilient
enough to transform into various shapes, yet rigid enough to avoid flexing. It
also has sufficient density to dampen any resonance. Some models even come with
amplifiers installed within the unit. Many owners consider the amplified
versions to be the best deal. After all, you have everything hidden within
the enclosure and installation is fast and easy.

Use that Wasted Space in your Ford Truck

So you solve several problems at once. You keep your amp and subwoofer out of
sight of nosey people since the installed enclosure looks like it is part of the
original vehicle. These new style enclosures look like OEM equipment. They
provide a completely professional appearance for your Ford Truck. Plus you
manage to use all that wasted dead space.

MTX and Q Logic are probably the two best known manufacturers of these products.
Of course various model years have different applications. You'll find them
available for Ford F-150 regular cab, extended super cabs and crew cab pickup
trucks. They are also available for
Ford F-250 and F-350 Superduty models.

Increase the Resale Value of your Ford Truck

These custom enclosures will definitely increase the trade in or resale value of
your Ford F-150 or Super Duty
Pickup Truck. So the owner wins all around. Great sound while he owns the
vehicle and a fast resale when he is ready to move on. Of course the other
benefit is if your Ford truck is leased, you simply remove the custom box and
the truck is in perfect condition for return to the dealer.
So if you desire high quality sound in your new Ford Truck, check out the new
custom subwoofer enclosures for the best possible solution.

Source by Dennis Estelle

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