Free Energy Home Generator – How to Create Free Energy With DIY Magnetic Generators

Free energy may seem like a stretch of the imagination, but with the power of magnets, there is a very real opportunity to harness energy that would otherwise be wasted in order to produce electrical current that can be used to run your home or your business.

Magnets are polarized and as a result, there is a natural attraction for opposite poles and a natural repulsion for same polls. By placing these like and opposite polls in an alternating order, you are able to produce motion, which can be converted into electricity.

A magnetic generator harnesses this magnetic force to encourage continual motion. The generator, once started, runs by itself and whilst the magnets maintain their polarity, the system will never stop. Because magnets do most of the work, this system does not require a huge amount of energy in order to maintain itself. Any excess energy that it produces can therefore be used to power your home.

The most common benefits of this system are:-

1. It does not require a huge amount of space and can be set up in a garden shed or in a utility room within the home.

2. Although it may not realistically be able to run your entire home, depending on your monthly consumption of power, it will however be able to reduce your monthly bills considerably with people testifying to a decrease of up to 60%

3. Unlike other alternative power generators such as wind and solar, it is not dependent on external factors such as weather and sunlight and will work in any location under any climatic conditions.

4. There are no emissions created by this system. It is perfectly safe for the family to have in their close proximity and has no ill effects on growing children.

5. The system is easy to construct and install and is extremely cost effective to maintain. The advantage of building your own is that you will understand the fundamentals of the system and will be able to ensure its smooth running for years to come.

Although this is an excellent stand alone system to implement into your home in order to generate clean, free energy, it is also an excellent addition to your solar or wind generation system. With an investment in just two of these three technologies, you will easily be able to generate more electricity than your home requires and will be able to earn from your investment.

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