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Ever since BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG ) rolled out the Z3 version of its classic and legendary brand, the sportscar/luxury segments of the auto industry have never been the same again. This suave model caused a stir in the auto shows all over the world and was a testament of yet another milestone by the German auto maker. BMW has proven itself time and time again as the leader in classic luxury and prestigious motor vehicle for driver of all ages. The z3 is a cool way to cruise around the city especially for people who want to put the top down and feel the wind. This is because the z3 is a convertible.

The z3 BMW convertible is a hot item mainly because of its looks and performance. Right after the Second World War, the BMW congromerate was banner from making aircraft. It then transformed itself into a viable car maker concentrating mainly on luxury brands. While other automakers such as Lexus, Jaguar and Mercedes have given BMW a run for its money, the company has constantly reinvented itself in order to stay abreast of its competitors. It has done this well.

The z3 has an extremely agile exterior that comes in a variety of colors and shades. It’s side is marked by gill-like flanks that give it the appearance of a shark but with a sporty look to it. The car can come in metallix grey or even metallic blue but again this can be easily customized.

The windows are darkened with a regular anti-glare tint and are protected by intermittent wiper blades. There is a power side mirror on either side of the car and a power passenger mirror as well. Most z3s also come with powerful fog lights which can come in handy in areas which are plagued by heavy fogs especially in the morning and at night.

Inside the z3, one is likely to encounter vinyl seats which can also be customized to leather as desired. Leather is desirable in temperate weathers. Additional accessories can include heated seats. The seats are also power-adjusted for additional comfort and the dash comes with additions like cell-phone jacks and aux jacks for mp3 players. The radio is classic Bose with surround sound sporting AM/FM capability and also XM satellite connections.

The z3 also comes with power steering and cruise control, power windows and power door locks which have anti-child safety mechanism. The AC is super cool and is computer controlled to regulate temperatures. When it comes to the mechanical part of the vehicle, the transmission comes with dynamic stabilty control which has become a standard of all BMW luxury brands. It also has a locking rear differential and a rear wheel drive transmission with 5-speed M/T. Maximum performance is effected by way of a computer-regulated V8 4-cylinder engine.

No luxury vehice is complete without 4-wheel ABS anti-lock wheels with 4-wheel disc brakes. The tires are a standard 19 inch with power steering capability, aluminum wheels and dual air bags.

eBay offers great selections for the z3 and so does other sources that can easily be located on Google and MSN search engines.

Source by Theodor Cartman


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