Honda Pushes the Ad Boundaries As Well As the Engineering Boundaries

There are very few adverts that avoid being annoying, irritating or serve as a cue to flick over the channel these days, yet those that stick in the memory are the clever ones, the cool ones, the ones that you actually forward to seeing during the commercial break and there is one particular company that fail to impress with their TV adverts: Honda.

Their latest offering is the impossible dream ad featuring a bearded man leaving his residence – a caravan – on a sunny morning wearing a racing jumpsuit complete with racing stripes. He hops onto a Honda Z50J Monkey bike and rides off, then you see him riding a Super Cub scooter through the winding roads, and then onto the beach where he is riding a TRX450R ATV quad bike through the shallow waters.

You next see him driving an old school S500 convertible with his wispy strands of hair blowing in the wind, he is next seen riding a goldwing motorcycle through the streets, then onto a 1960 125cc RC143 track motorcycle speeding through the open road, then into a Honda S2000 Roadster, then a NSX-R sports car, then a Fireblade motorcycle, a Formula One RA272 race car, an 2005 BAR F1 car, a Honda Offshore Powerboat and finally a Honda branded hot air balloon.

Take a breath! So many vehicles in such little time, but there's no denying the quality of this advert. The scenic locations are a joy to behold, especially if viewing the ad on a large plasma screen. And the breathtaking drop of the Iguazu Falls – the scene for the finale of the ad – just top off one of the best commercials ever made.

Honda has built a reputation for not only designing innovative cars, reliable and thought after, but also for their noticeable adverts. Other classic Honda adverts that stick in the memory include the animated advert about Honda's then new diesel engines. The ad had an incredibly catchy whistled theme tune with the words 'Hate something, make something better' (if you can not remember it, YouTube it!).

Then there was the cog advert where different car parts including nuts, bolts, windscreen wipers, wheels, windows and many more were used to perform an amazing domino like effect resulting in the ignition of a Honda Accord starting up and playing the Sugarhill Gang's hit song , Rapper's Delight.

Many people did not believe that the advert was real, more that it was made using special effects, but to the contrary, it was rumored to take just 20 takes over a five day filming period, although the 2 minute sequence was filmed in two and cut together using minimal CGI.

Honda are wading in head first to an aggressive advertising campaign for their new eco friendly cars with an 11 page ad campaign in the Guardian newspaper and buying an entire commercial break on Channel 4 to show their new TV advert – again an animated ad called 'Do Searched 'Tags' for.

Honda continue to push the advertising boundaries as well as the engineering boundaries, and thanks to them not all TV ads are monotonous and have you reaching for the remote control.

Source by Shaun Parker

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