How Can You Change the Way You Drive to Save Money on Gas?

Most people would say that a dime is not worth very much. That is, a dime does not look like much, except when you apply it to the rising cost of filling your car with gas. Increasing the price per gallon by a dime multiple times in a month has quickly added up over the last year or two. Everyone has been feeling the strain of that increase. Every person is looking for ways to save on the cost of gas, but you can make significant savings simply by changing the way you drive on a daily basis.

Change how you drive

Many people do not know that how they drive can save them money on gas. Most of the time, we're just worried about not being late to work or getting the kids to practice when they need to be. Everyone knows that city driving results in lower gas mileage than highway driving. Why is that? Stopping for red lights often uses up gas because it means increasing acceleration to get going again, therefore, using more gas. The faster you try to get your car to go after stopping at a red light, the faster you will use up your gasoline. If you consciously make an effort to accelerate slowly after being stopped, you'll save yourself a bit of gas and probably will not get to where you need to be any later.

Some people are better than others at anticipating what the car in front of them is about to do, especially if they're used to driving in heavy traffic. Many people who work in the city but live outside of it become accustomed to the changes in traffic patterns, including going faster as traffic becomes thinner or braking suddenly when it gets heavier. By anticipating what is going on ahead of you, you will be able to be able to avoid sudden stops and starts. You can simply lift your foot off the gas pedal to decrease your speed. A gradual slowing as well as starting will help you to save on your gas.

Getting passed on the highway can be frustrating to a lot of people, but it can be an economic decision for saving gas. By constantly keeping your foot pressed on the accelerator, you are forcing your car to go faster. Yes, that will allow you to pass someone, but you are burning up gas more quickly than you need to do. Most likely, you will not get to where you're going more than a few seconds faster anyway. You do not need to overtake other vehicles on your way to work each day. You'll still make it there in about the same amount of time.

Change how you fill up

When you stop at a gas station, there are things you can do as well to save a little money here and there. For example, choosing your filling station wisely will help you to save money. Do not go to a place simply because it's on the right side of the highway as you're going home, but choose the place that offers the cheapest prices for gas. Yes, you may have to use a little extra gas to get there, but in the long run, you'll come out on top by making the most economic choice. A few cents does help when it comes to buying gas.

The time of day you stop for gas will also make a difference in the gas that you pump. Just like your fingers on a hot summer day after a jog, gas expands in warmer temperatures. So by filling up your tank early in the morning, you are actually getting a bit more gas for the same amount of money. Also, by filling up the tank slowly, you are preventing air from getting mixed in with your gasoline. Try to take your time as you fill up the tank and you may just see an improvement in your gas mileage.

Although alternative sources for fuel will probably be the best bet in the long run for our environment and on our wallets, for now we must do what we can to make wise decisions at the gas pump. By being conscious of the way you drive and fill up your car, you can do what you can to save your money and have your day be less affected by the price of gas going up another dime.

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