How to Replace a Fuse in a Toyota Car

The Toyota you are using has a set of fuses that are being used to prevent a high voltage from damaging the valuable equipment and accessories in your car and to prevent a possible fire from occurring in the car. In case of an electrical surge the relevant fuse will burn to disconnect the circuit. The active component inside it, is a small piece of metal wire that will allow only certain strength of electrical current to pass through it. If this maximum value is exceeded it will burn itself.

Fuse is a very cheap item that is easy to install and replace but it does a great service to the car by preventing damage to the very expensive electrical and electronic components preventing repairs that will cost a lot. But, in case you are confronted with a blown fuse you need to replace it and you must know how to do it.


The only thing you need for the job are the replacement fuses.

The fuse panel of the Toyota is placed just under the steering column which you can find easily. Open the fuse panel by pulling the cover. This is easily done with your finger.

Now you need the fuse diagram of the car to locate the fuse you need to replace. This is available on the underside of the fuse panel cover.

Remove the burnt fuse using the puller of the panel. This is done by clipping the correct end of the fuse folder to the fuse that is to be removed. You must securely grab the fuse with the fuse puller before pulling the correct fuse out of the fuse panel.

Now press the new one into the slot of the panel and make sure that the metal part of it is sunk all the way into the panel.

Source by Sheehzaad Farrukh Rameen

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