Hybrid Technology In SUVs and Trucks

Currently most of these hybrid cars cost as much as some of the most expensive cars on the market. Until this technology is out of development and practical production methods are implemented these vehicles will continue to be out of reach for most normal people. Currently the batteries designed to be used in these hybrids are built to last less than a decade. Imagine mounds of caustic acid filled batteries that are going to have to be disposed of.

Hybrid electric cars recharge the batteries while you drive by generating energy in an electric motor attached to your drive train. As you drive your wheels turn the electric generator which stores electric in the batteries. Your vehicle draws energy from the batteries as its needed. This is referred to as regenerative braking as it places resistance on your drive train which slows down the wheels.

Another option to create a Hybrid SUV and Truck is currently being used by thousands. This is by supplementing your normal fuel with Hydrogen Gas produced from water. This inexpensive and easy to install kit will fit in any current SUV or Truck. By using a small electrical current from your battery it releases Hydrogen Gas from water in a specially designed container. This resulting Hydrogen Gas mixes with your vehicles fuel / air mixture and results in increases of 33% to 50% in gas mileage and more.

The resulting gas commonly called HHO, Hydroxy, or Browns Gas, is 2.7 times more powerful than normal fuels but with the chemical stability of H2O. This results in increased horsepower in your SUV or Truck and a smoother and cooler running engine.

The installation of this kit legally connects your SUV, car, or truck to Hybrid status. Currently hybrid car owners are enjoying tax credits of $ 2,000 to $ 50,000 from the IRS

Source by John P Cooper

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