Indian market shows an increase with premium bikes

As the market is continuously growing with the premium bikes, the companies are getting ready with their new products as per their user requirements. With the inflated success being experienced by the the most favourite of the Indian riders, Kawasaki Ninja 250R, the other famous companies like the Honda are also working with their new belligerent models so as to make a stand in the Indian market and to compete with their rivals. The Indian youngsters are getting attracted to the enhanced sports models of bike with outstanding looks. Also the number of Indian players is increasing in this field and they are also ready to pay good amounts for their choices. The only concept is to acquire the latest bike with amazing power and outrageous looks. Due to the above mentioned concept of young generation, Indian Kawasaki Ninja 250R, a 250 cc engine bike with accountable power and torque celebrates the sale of its 1000Th model. With this the most famous and trusted Honda also is planning to make a new launch with an 250 cc engine of DOHC type. The new Honda CBR 250R is to visit the Indian roads soon and is sure to experience inflated sales with its consummate looks. The 4 Stroke engine of the Honda CBR 250R is powerful enough to generate zipper acceleration and pick up without any sort of vibration and noises even at very high speed. The company assures its customers with quality and also to maintain its promises of being environment friendly. The bike proves to be fuel efficient showing an efficiency of 40 kmpl on roads producing an accountable mileage. Honda previously came up with its 150 cc CBR and with the launch of its 250 cc bike is looking forward to increase its brand status with an all new Honda CBR 1000RR which would be first of its kind for Indian roads.

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