Integra tail lights convey some crucial information

Acura Integra made by Honda debuted in 1986 as a two-door or four-door hatchback. The car was immediately appreciated in the market. Later on a four-door sedan model was also added to the family. The appearance of the car in the market publicized to all everywhere that Honda, or for that matter the Japanese car makers, were second to none in the luxury car segment. Its design, quality and comfort level could be compared with the best anywhere and moreover it was cheaper than the German cars. In 1997 Integra Type R was launched as a coupe and in 2001 it was adjudged as the best sports coupe. It was considered to be one of the best front-wheel driven cars. In 2001 as a part of the marketing strategy the name Integra was dropped.

One of the special features of the car was that whereas some customers liked the car as it was for transportation purposes, there were others who thought it could serve as a good basis for experimentation by adding other parts and accessories. Integra tail lights too had a role in popularizing the car for the second category of customers. Tail lights do attract the attention of designers when they think of upgrading the overall looks of a car. They are very visible in day and look fascinating at night and serve as a decorative feature.

It will however not be wholly correct to consider them only as a decorative feature because basically tail lights are a safety feature. They convey some crucial information to the drivers of vehicles following a car. Tail lights are a cluster of lights mounted at the rear of the car. Besides indicating presence of a car on the road they also indicate whether the car will be turning left or right, going to stop, or intend moving in the reverse gear All such information helps in maintaining safety on the road. Being a safety feature the tail lights have to conform to some regulations made by the Department of Transport.

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