iPod Connection For Your Honda and Acura

So, you have an iPod that is filled with a ton of great music, and you find yourself driving around in your Honda or Acura listening to the radio. Would not it be nice if you could listen to all that great music on your iPod in your Honda / Acura? Well, you got a few options. Some of the options are: a cassette adapter, a wireless FM transmitter, a wired FM modulator, and a direct AUX input.

Out of all the options listed, in my opinion the only one worth talking about is a direct AUX input. A direct AUX input is better known as an iPod interface. An iPod Interface connects to your Honda or Acura's factory radio and allows you to listen to all of your music while your driving around.

OK, how does this Honda / Acura iPod interface work? The Honda / Acura iPod interface gets connected to the back of your radio's CD changer / satellite radio port. Using this port allows the interface to be more advanced than all the other options. First off, the interface will charge your iPod. Secondly, the audio quality of the CD changer / Satellite port is CD quality, so, the music from your iPod will be crystal clear. And finally, the Honda / Acura iPod interface will also allow both control form the factory radio as well as control from the iPod.

There are many options for iPod interfacing. Out of all the options, a direct AUX input, better know as a iPod interface, is your best option. The other options out there are troublesome and will just get you fed up instead of allowing you to simply enjoy your music. There are many different brands of iPod interfaces out there. When purchasing one, make sure you get one that will charge any iPod and will allow both control from your iPod and your factory radio.

Source by Nick Mackk

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