Is Toyota Prius the Right Option For You?

With the global economy falling flat and the fuel prices soaring high, hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular with people across different nations. As these 'green cars' use both the electric power and petrol, they help us save a lot on fuel. The hybrid cars are advantageous not only for the owner and his family, but also for the society and the environment as their contribution to global warming is almost negligible.

There are several hybrid cars available in the market, but the most popular is the Toyota Prius. Toyota Prius was the first to make hybrid motoring an actual option for fuel conscious motorists.

Following are certain qualities of a Toyota Prius that will help you decide whether or not Prius is the right choice for you:

1) Similar to other hybrid cars, Prius also uses a small petrol motor and a small electric motor that work in accordance to propel the car along. All the actions of the car engine and the electric motor are performed automatically, and are controlled by an on board computer under the bonnet of the car. You should never consider buying a Toyota Prius if you enjoy little or no power under the bonnet. The acceleration of the car can not be described as Invigorating.

2) The Toyota Prius also features a CD player, power mirror and windows, remote central locking system, dual front air bags, and anti-lock brakes.

3) With Prius, you can expect to go through at least 5-6 l for every 100 km you drive. However, Prius is not a very good option for you if you are going to drive mainly on the freeway or in the bush as you would need to spend a lot on fuel.

4) However, if you are looking for fuel economy and most of your driving is about town, Toyota Prius is definitely a good choice. But, bear in mind that as Prius is a bit expensive, it may take you longer before you start saving any money.

In the present economic scenario, it is advisable to go for a used Toyota Prius instead of a new one. However, before purchasing the used Prius make sure you check its log books for regular servicing. It is wise to buy a Toyota Prius that was serviced only by Toyota dealers in the past. Also, as the batteries of this car are very costly, make sure the batteries of the used car you are targeting are functioning properly.

Now, bearing the above guidelines in mind, if you think you can afford a Prius and maintain it well, and that it is a viable option for you, get in touch with local Toyota used car dealers in your area and shop around for the best deal.

Source by Eshwarya Patel

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