Ladder Racks For Pickup Trucks

A number of accessories can be fitted onto pickup trucks for carrying different items such as ladders, kayaks, canoes, and lumber. These utilities are necessary for camping activities and are commonly used by sportsmen and artisans.

Sidemounted ladder racks are fitted to the side of a pickup truck with the help of steel clampers. They are designed to carry any item weighing less than 250 lbs. They are expandable and can be fitted to any pickup truck with or without without pockets. The height of these racks can also be adjusted to suit different types of pickup trucks.

Painters' ladder racks are designed to carry ladders on top or side of a pickup truck for easy placement and removal. The ladders can be secured to the racks with the help of hold-down arms with or without a padlock. Apart from standard adjustable features, they have additional tie-down points for routes and straps. Three ladder racks can accommodate a maximum of three ladders and are secured to the bedrail using an integrated clamping system. They are equipped with anti-theft fasteners and have a user-friendly design for quick loading and unloading. They have multiple steel loops for securing cargo with the help of chains, straps, or ropes.

Extension ladder racks are designed to carry ladders more than fifteen feet long. They have a metal pole platform supported by two steel poles for storing long ladders. They have a rear roller mechanism, which allows users to haul up the ladder onto the rack with minimum effort. It can also be used to carry other equipment, which is more than fifteen feet long.

All types of ladder racks can be fastened to the bedrail with the help of utility tools provided with the racks. Rack removal process is also easy and can be completed within two minutes for most ladder racks. All these features have made ladder racks one of the most commonly used pickup truck accessory.

Source by Kristy Annely

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