No Cars In Wintertime

Proud of your new car bought after a long hard work? It is understandable if you want to coddle and shelter it in your garage during those dreadful months of winter, when driving a car turns out to be dangerous sometimes. Not to mention that wintertime demands from you to check your vehicle and visit the mechanic more often than when time is bright. Snow and cold can damage and deteriorate your car, not to mention that ice can limit the adherence of tires on the ground. Holes in the cement will wear out the wheels and salt on the street will put rust on the paint. What to do then?

Just how you put on extra layers of clothes in order to protect from cold, your car needs extra preparations during wintertime. In order not to encounter problems on the way, it is mandatory that you change the tires with winter tires which improve the traction on icy roads, the usual windshield wipers with winter wipers and always have in the truck anti-skid chains. The use of antifreeze solution is a must! This must be done before winter comes and it may prove to be expensive.

Well, there is always the public transportation alternative. Buses, trams and underground are to be taken into account when winter settles in. Their service is never canceled, and by that, you avoid crowded roads when snow renders the circulation slow and difficult. The underground will always be on time to destination for weather does not affect its circulation. It is true that the functioning of buses and trams may be slowed down by weather conditions, but as they are big and powerful vehicles, snow and bad roads will never be a problem for them. The only downside of this alternative is that during these periods they are more crowded and uncomfortable to travel by.

Which leaves you with another option: taxis. Since it is too cold to walk or go by bike, taxis are an alternative because they will always be ready for cold weather. Of course, taking the cab every day to go to work will be expensive and stressful. One knows taxi drivers are always so curious and chatty! Still thinking about a solution?

Lease a car! Specialized companies can offer you a wide array of powerful cars ready to be driven in wintertime. They are already equipped for cold weather so that you don’t have to bother buying all the tools demanded in order to have a safe trip. In this way, you make sure your personal car will not suffer from winter conditions and you are ensured your schedule will not be perturbed by unexpected events. Treat yourself and travel comfortably in a powerful car, even in winter!

Source by Jack Wogan

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