Popular Commuter Bikes In India

Now a days being celebrity and popular is cool. There are a lot of people wanted to be popular and so to get fame. But have it said; it is not that easy to get popularity and to catch the attention of public. It will take time, effort and some factors that you may consider for you to have it. Well, when I come to motor or big bikes. There are also motorcycles or big bikes that catch the attention of the crowd. There are three top popular commuter bikes in India, Lets start with the first one, Hero Honda Splendor. It is a motorcycle manufactured in India by all known Hero Honda. It has an electronic ignition and tubular cradle type frame with 97.2 cc engine. However in 2004, Hero Honda launched the upgraded version of the Splendor, the Splendor+. This version features multi-reflector headlight, tail light and turn signal lights, and features new graphics. Then in 2007, Hero Honda launched the Hero Honda Splendor plus with major changes in body fairings and including alloy wheels and other significant improvements. I guess with all the changes that they did with this bike it catches the attention of the public.

Then we also have Honda CB Twister, it is has launched the much talked about new 110cc bike. It is because it has a competitive price of Rs. 42000.00 in Delhi for the basic models which features kick start and drum brakes. It has been said as the sportier and premium version of its unicorn, which has been christened CB Unicorn Dazzler. With the second model, I believe that it is the price that catches the attention of the mass. And aside from it, the looks of this bike is very sporty and aggressive in terms of looks and styling. As they said that the designer of this bike had high end super bikes of Honda. And not only the price, Honda CB Twister boasts some never seen before features in this segment bike including six spoke mag alloys, front disc brake, stylish exhaust design, split grab rails, open chain and high quality paint. It has five available shades; Pearl Night Star Black, Pearl Fujy Blue, Pearl Amble Yellow, Candy Comic Green and pearl Siena Red.

Then the third will be the TVS Star city that has a magnificent design. The catch up for this one is the design and the engine. Let’s talk about the engine of VS Star city, it said that it has a superior combustion due to swirl and trumble induction of air and petrol mixture delivering superior fuel economy. It also reduced friction within engine parts ensures lesser wear and tear and longer engine life. It also has an increased pulling power due to additional 10cc displacement against other 100 cc’s motorcycle in the market. Well, some other thing that the crowds like is the brake; because it has a large 130mm drum brakes for sure stop braking. It also has 2-way adjustable rear shock absorbers that are good for the rider. And another thing that they said about this bike is the unique graphics make your bike stick out from the crowd. And this bike doesnt have kick feature but rather it has an electric start. So it will start in just a single push of your finger. And lastly the unique and the best part of this bike is the mobile charger. So in case that your mobile battery is running out, you can go ahead and plug it in your bike. The bike is cool, stylish and helpful at the same time.

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