Quilting – The Art of the Quilt

Quilting is a form of sewing where a hand or machine is used to do the job. What happens is that a needle an thread are used to join the layers of material together and the final result is what is called a quilt. A quilt that qualifies as good usually has three layers; a top fabric, an insulating material and backing material. These three materials are sewn together in the finishing part of the process.

Quilting is not something that you decide; rather it is something that comes to you. It has to do with what you like and how imaginative you can get because you need all that to come up with designs that are eye-catching. The process may sound rather old but it has stood the test of time and many women still practices it today. It is one of those women things with a feminine niche.

In the most basic overview of how quilting takes place here is a six step guide that provides the most basic explanation:

i. First of all is selecting the fabric and the pattern that you need to work with. The batting is selected at this point. Because of its color retention characteristics, cotton receives the most favor as the fabric of choice, though this also depends on the kind of dye that you have used in the material.

ii. Measuring comes second. Accurately cut the fabric to the size that you need in making the block patterns.

iii. Next is sewing the cut fabric. This is done either by hand to make the blocks or the machine. This is where the top is made.

iv. The batting is used to lay the quilt top.

v. Using your hand, you should quilt all the layers made

vi. The final thing is the finishing where you get to trim all the edges and sewing the biding to all the edges. That is the basics of the traditional form of quilting.

If you are a beginner to the art of quilting, then its best to read about if first by getting a book or researching online so you can get to understand the process and the art before you give it a hands-one approach. Remember to have a quilting machine since it is important in the final process and it does not matter if you will be doing the quilting by hand; the machine is essential in bringing out the final piece of work.

Quilting shops are available in most places and counties and this will ease the process of assembling all your supplies. A starter should get a beginner quilt kit and make their way up form there. Ordering online is always an option since the prices maybe better though shipping costs may apply.

The best thing about quilting is that it is literally limited to your imagination. You can create any kind of design that you get to think about. If you like, you could sell some of your stuff-the internet is a place to start.

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