Remote Control Cars for Sale

Remote control cars are some of the greatest gifts you can get for an adventurous kid or even for yourself if you are up to the challenge. These are engaging toys guaranteed to add fun and hours of quality time with people of all ages. However, you need to understand a few things and features of remote control cars for sale when shopping for one. Here are a few important factors to consider before you decide which type or model suits your needs.


The first consideration while shopping for remote control cars for sale is the specific person you intend to buy the car for. This will help you determine the level of complexity you seek in the car. For example a child will not need a remote controlled car with the same kind of sophistication and technology in a car for an adult. These differences are usually exhibited in durability, speed and power, size, and price. Normally, toy versions of remote controlled cars are powered by batteries and classified in a scale of 1:32 up to 1:16 while revised versions for adults with a higher reach come in a scale f 1: 5 and are powered by stronger fuels such as gasoline or nitro.

Assembled or Non-Assembled

You may be making your first purchase of a remote controlled car and sufficient unfamiliar with its assembly. In this case, it is advisable to go for an assembled model if you anticipate problems in piecing it together after you leave the store. Always ask a sales clerk for advice when in doubt.

Power Source

Most remote control cars for sale are gasoline, nitro or electric powered. These three sources of power determine the car's cost, size, performance, and maintenance. The gasoline variety is powered by a mixture of regular unleaded gasoline and engine oil to create a significant large amount of power. They have low fuel consumption and maintenance costs are also low. They come in a larger size than nitro and electric powered models, often in a scale size of 1: 5. Nitro cars run on nitromethane which is a fairly expensive fuel available in selected stores. This model has will incur high maintenance costs as the fuel tenders to leave residue on the chassis of the car. Electric powered cars run on rechargeable Li-Po battery packs. They are usually cheaper than the gasoline and nitromethane powered models and have less power output too.

Price Comparison

When shopping for cars for sale online or in brick and mortar stores, it is advisable to compare prices of different types of models in different envelopes before you make your final decision. This is an activity you can easily accomplish from the comforts of your house or office if you shop smart via the internet. There are helpful online sites that allow you to make price comparisons of similar models in different envelopes. If you buy online, ensure that the price covers shipping costs for the remote controlled car.

Source by Errol Cady

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