Review of the Honda Activa i 2013

Let us take a look at another blockbuster from Honda’s stable. After the super successful Activa and Dio, Activa i is the facelifted version of the Activa. First look at the name gives the impression that it is an electric scooter. But it is not. In fact, it is a smaller version of the original Activa and a regular petrol scooter.

While the Activa is a family scooter, the Activa I is a personal scooter. This means that it is meant for a single person ferrying from point A to B during the day. It is suitable for a person who does not want to take public transport and does not want the hassle of a car in the traffic.

Build, styling and finish

The look is young and fresh. The styling is funky and modern with sleek lines. As all the metallic panels have been replaced with plastic ones it is lighter than the Activa by 7 kgs. The Activa I is a feminine looking product especially because of the slim design lines. However, the build quality and finishing matches the original Activa’s standards.

Ride and Handling

For a 100cc scooter it is very important to be nimble in everyday traffic. Especially as it is tagged as a ‘personal scooter’. The Activa I does achieve this quite efficiently. Also, as it is 7 kgs lighter, driving this scooter is not a tiring affair, even after a whole day. The acceleration is also good and it is fitted with HMSI’s combination break system.

The suspension is a bit disappointing though. Even if it is the same one fitted on the Activa, the ride on this scooter becomes very bouncy when the roads filled with potholes. The reduction in the weight might be the reason behind the hard suspension.

Brake system is very good though. The new Combination Brake System (CBS) makes the braking distance substantially shorter. It does not shift the weight to the rear end in case of a short brake.


The Activa I hits a top speed of 90 km/h which is very commendable. It also manages to remain stable at high speeds and does not wobble, provided you do not get buffeted by crosswinds. In the city the scooter gives a mileage of 60 km/litre and on the highway 74 km/litre. Both the numbers are very impressive.

Overall, it is a good scooter for city users. It is comfortable to use and very economical at the price tag of Rs. 53,700.

Source by Jainee Ganjwala

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