Ride On Toy Cars For 5 Year Old Kids

Kids love ride on toys as soon as they start to learn to walk. It's seems quite funny that as soon as they have begun to master the use of their legs they want to sit in or on some form of toy car, bike or some other device that moves. These toys are popular with kids and there are plenty to choose from now. So this article will cover the different types and list a few popular ride on toy cars for 5 year old kids (or around that age anyway).

It seems that ride on toy cars can be split into 2 types. There are the "old school" pedal cars and the slightly more sophisticated electric models.

Most people go for the electric models for a couple of reasons.

The first is obvious, the power is supplied by the electric motor so it is really like a little car. It's great fun for the kids to play in and cute for the parents to see their little ones riding round in a little car.

Also the electric cars tend to be replicas of modern cars. So you can put your child in a Ferrari, Hummer, Mercedes Benz or a Porsche. You can even get replicas of cars from the movies, like Lightning McQueen from the Disney animated feature.

Having said this, pedal cars seem to be making a comeback. And here's a few reasons why.

Pedal cars tend to be a bit cheaper and simpler than the electric models. If they break down they can be fixed or at least the fault can be diagnosed fairly easily. This is not always the case with the electric ride on cars.

Also, pedal models are fun to play in too. When the child is responsible for the power and the steering they feel more in control and closer to the toy or machine. It's also good exercise, which will please parents.

You can get some great looking pedal cars, including the chrome racer which is based on the race cars from the 1950's. It looks stunning and is bound to make a big impression on the neighborhood kids.

Source by Freddy McCandless

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