Riverside Honda – How To Find A Great Honda In Riverside

Riverside – Honda, the two go together like Gracie and Burns. And is it any wonder? Honda is Riverside's favorite car and for good reason! This article will describe a great way for you to find a Honda, Riverside, without buying from a dealer.

Riverside Honda – Tip # 1 – New / Used Car Lots Or Not

This one is a no brainer, right? If you want a new or used Riverside Honda, the best place to start looking is in a new or used car dealership. Notice though that I said "look", not "buy". It is common knowledge, that if a person buys a new car from a dealer, the moment they drive that car off the lot, the value of their car decrees by at least 10% – 20% That's a pretty substantial amount of money. Let's say you go go and buy a new car for $ 25,000. The moment you drive that car off of the lot and start heading home to show all your neighbors, your car's value has just been dropped by as much as $ 5,000. Even if it's a Honda.

Think twice before buying a new car from a dealer. Oh sure, there are benefits to buying a new car … seeing the odometer under 100 miles, smelling the new car smell, the appreciative looks from causal passer bys … but they are few and far between.

"But what about the new car warranty, that's worth something is not it?" It's only worth what you are willing to pay for it and to be very honest with you, the warranty on your new car could have been purchased elsewhere for a lot less money.

"So why do you say that the dealership is the best place to start?" Take another look at the 2nd paragraph above … I said that the dealership is the best place to start "looking", because that's all you should be doing there. Looking. When you go to a dealership, your time should be spent figuring out exactly what you want. What year (if not new), what model, what engine package, what options and yes, even what color. Then, AFTER you have found what you like, THEN go and find it elsewhere at a fundamental savings.

Riverside Honda [] – Tip # 2 – Know Where To Look

After you have decided what kind of Honda you want, your next task becomes how to find it. You can begin with your local newspaper's classified section, but depending upon how big the circulation is, this may or may not provide you with what you're looking for. I suggest that you use the power of the internet.

Did you know that you can access and do searches of numerous newspapers all at the same time? In addition to seeing all of these newspapers at once, you can also find many things through internet classifieds. Services like Craig's List and US FreeAds are just a couple, do a Google search for "internet classifieds" and you will have many sources to choose from.

I've saved the best for last. I believe that the largest source of nearly new cars can be also found online through internet auctions. Many times you can find incredible deals on Hondas that have been impounded by the police or confiscated by some other government agency. These cars are regularly sold for 90% off of the retail price.

In this article, you have seen where to start the hunt for your new or used Honda and a few places to look once you have decided what you want. Take it slow, do not give up. You can find exactly what you want … at a price you can afford.

Source by Rob Richards

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