Run a Truck on Water – Run Any Gas Or Diesel Powered Truck on HHO

A lot of people have been talking about running cars on water, so I decided to change it to running trucks on water for the time being, and for those who own trucks. I guess gas powered trucks would be in the same categories as cars, but a lot of people think that these water conversion kits can run on only certain types of vehicles.

You can install an HHO kit on any type of engine, really. Including diesel powered ones as well. The key is to get the right guide that shows you the right steps on how to do this. A lot of these guides and materials are very expensive if you do not know where to look. In fact I have seen some guides that have cost more than $ 200! Not only did they sell the guides for so much money, but they also implemented their OWN custom materials into the guide, so you were forced to buy the materials in order to complete the process of converting. The materials they offered usually cost over $ 500.

Now, I am sure these guides, and materials work great, but in the end you are going to have to wait a full year to get your return investment from the gas prices. There are guides out there that cost $ 50 and give you step by step instructions on how to install an HHO kit in your car, they also list what materials you need to get, and the materials are usually already in your garage, or at your local hardware store. I would not spend over $ 200 to install a water conversion kit, especially if I am doing it myself.

Also as a reminder, when purchasing a guide, make sure there is a money back guarantee. Never buy from someone who does not provide one of these!

Source by Erik C Fuller

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