Spinning Out of Control in a Car

If you have ever been in a car that was spinning out of control, you know how terrifying an event it can be. The driver becomes unable to control the car's trajectory and the vehicle may care over multiple lanes of busy traffic, leaving it vulnerable to hitting other cars, medians, or other obstacles. The fact that spins usually occurs at high speeds only adds to their dangerous nature. Knowing the causes of spins can help drivers avoid situations that can lead to losing control of their vehicles.

Hydroplaning is probably the most common cause of car spins. A car hydroplanes when a thin layer of water develops between a car's tires and the road. The result is a serious loss of traction that causes the vehicle to be unresponsive to control inputs like steering or braking. A number of factors contribute to the likelihood that a vehicle will hydroplane on a wet surface, including speed, depth of water, and tire condition.

Tire blowouts can also cause a car to spin out of control. When the tire pops, it violently alters the vehicle's trajectory, which can induce a spin. This is particularly true at high speeds or when turning. Tires can blowout for a number of reasons, including manufacturer defects, improper inflation, or worn tread.

Another potential cause of a vehicle spin is a defective road. Potholes or uneven lanes can cause a car to become unstable and throw it into a spin. Other road defects can also cause a driver to lose control, albeit in less obvious ways. For example, a person may have to swerve sharply to avoid an improperly marked construction zone and end up spinning as a result.

Although it probably goes without saying, a collision with another vehicle can result in one or both drivers spinning out of control. Even if a car barely strikes your vehicle with a flashing blow, it may be enough to start a serious and potentially fatal spin. Collisions on highways are particularly dangerous in this respect.

Regardless of the cause, if your vehicle starts to spin, you should try to keep calm, avoid jerking the wheel or slamming on the breaks, and steer into the spin to try to regain control as quickly as possible. If you suffer damages or injuries due to a spin and believe that it may have been caused by some sort of road or manufacturer defect or a negligent driver, you may be entitled to compensation.

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Source by Joseph Devine

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