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The Suzuki Intruder motorcycle has been a long time favorite of many devotees. Indeed, since the time when the first model debuted in 1985, it has remained a popular motorcycle in the new market as well as the used market. Let’s see why.When a person wanted a cruiser in the ’80’s, he didn’t have much to choose from. Mainly, he could purchase a Harley-Davidson or go without. That was great and all if you liked Harleys, but what if you wanted a different bike?That was when the Japanese cruiser lines came into use.When the Japanese makers discovered they could make money off of the cruiser buying American public, it didn’t take each company any time at all to come out with their own brand of cruiser-style motorcycle. This was superb for those who were not strictly American buyers only. At perhaps 50% less money in most cases a rider could have a fresh new cruiser that was every bit as practical and satisfying as its American complement.But there was just one problem. Though all four prime Japanese manufacturers (Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha) introduced their own models, it was Suzuki who seemed to get it right the first time with its Suzuki Intruder motorcycle. The other three manufacturer’s cruisers seemed to combine a cruiser style with a street bike functionality, a mishmash that most riders found a little on the ugly side. The 1986 VS 700 Intruder, however, was clean, pure cruiser from start to finish.Let’s start by delving a little into the engine. The Intruder’s motor is a 45-degree v-twin with overhead cams. This setup holds true for the whole Intruder series of cruisers (VS 700, VS 750, VS 800, VS 1400). The cooling method for these motorcycles – other than the VS1400, which is both air and oil-cooled – is by liquid. The tranny utilizes the same case as the crankshaft. And all the power is transmitted to the rear wheel by way of a shaft drive

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