The Acura MDX – A Luxorious Mid Sized Sports Utility Vehicle

The Acura MDX is a Japanese model car, which is also known as the Honda MDX due to the parental company Honda. The Acura has started the designing and production of the model since 2001. The car is equipped with the modern luxurious features with the 5- speed automatic engine and front engine with four wheel drive nature. It is mid sized SUV, which is built in the Canada Manufacturing Ltd at Alliston, Ontario.

The predecessor of the MDX was the Acura SLX model, and the MDX was a huge profit for the company. The Acura MDX is manufactured both in Australia and Japan and the sale started since 2003 in both the countries. The other notable features of this car included the DVD set up in the rear seat for the seer entertainment of the passengers, navigation system, the special kiwi style arrangement of wheels, five door SUV, 3.5L V6 engine. The vehicle has enormous power about 253 hp or 189 kW with the 24 valve VTEC engine. The rotating capacity is about 340 Nm or 250 lb-ft with a magnificent torque of 3000 – 500 rotations per minute. The wheel base of the car is about 106 inches.

The MDX model has been produced by the Honda Company between the years of 2001 to 2006. The length of the car is measured about 188.5 inches, with a width of 77 inches and a height of 68.7 inches in base, with 71.3 inches in touring of the vehicle. The weight of the car is about 4451 pounds (or 2023 kilograms). The main advantage is the low fuel consumption along with a less vehicle noise production in running conditions. However, before 2003 Acura MDX was designed with the 4- speed automatic transmission. After the 2003 model was offered in the market, the driver could view a rear view video camera system enhancing the navigation system of the vehicle.

The Acura MDX model was quite competitive to its generation cars such as BMW X5 and Ford Explorer in terms of its weight, SUVs, volume and gas mileages. The 2004 model MDX was equipped with the dual tail pipes, advanced headlights and tail lights with a new wheel system. The modern MDX model was produced in 2007 initially with some modified features to meet the requirements of the buyers. The performance was increase up to 300 BHP with a torque of 6000 rpm and 3.7 L capacity engine

Source by Jeff Ryan

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