The Benefits of Nametags

Name tags are often used to help identify individuals within groups. Lanyards are long thin strands of fabric, string or sometimes plastic that are sometimes used to hold onto the name tags. name tags can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and contain various bits of information. The most common shape seen in name tags is the rectangle, it may be laid horizontally or vertically. The information on the tag can range from simply a first name such as “Bob” to a detailed history of who you are, including a photo to identify you, security clearances and how long you have been a part of this group or company.

Some people have a negative feeling associated with wearing a name tag, perhaps because they feel outed, or unable to maintain a comfortable “wall flower” status. As used in the informal setting such as a small group meeting or club get together, name tags can help to break the ice for some, giving just enough information for one to feel comfortable engaging with another. In the formal setting such as high security business ventures, they help provide safety by ensuring the right people are authorized into sensitive areas and those who don’t belong there are kept out. Some tags also contain hidden details in the form of a magnetic strip that can unlock doors or files within secure systems. Often we see name tags and lanyards combined, lanyards can make it easier to use “security” type tags by giving room to move the tag around without the chance of it being dropped or misplaced.

Lanyards come in many varieties, ranging from chain to leather. There are plain ones, printed ones and personalized ones. Many come with small metal clips with which you can attach your name tag or other items. Lanyards are often used to hold whistles, badges, name tags and with a little imagination lots of other items we don’t want to lose!

Samantha Black does a lot of things for her business whenever it comes to networking and marketing. She knows that name tags are a major part to facilitating this and she also feels that custom lanyards are a great way to market a company at the same time.

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