Toyota Highlander Hybrid – The Hybrid Answer for SUV Drivers

There is a new type of vehicle that is taking the automobile industry by storm. With all of the attention on pollution and the high costs of gasoline, the automobile industry has not choice but to introduce vehicles specifically designed for lower emissions and higher gas mileage. Hybrids are the automobile of the future and the answer to those demands of consumers.

There are many different models on the market to give consumers options such as those they have with gasoline vehicles. However, there is a lack of comparable SUV’s.

Toyota has tried to help out consumers who want a powerful SUV that is a little nicer to the environment. With the introduction of the Toyota Highlander Hybrid in 2004 and the first sales of the model in 2006, Toyota has given consumers what they want.

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid was designed more for power then for gas efficiency. The main idea was to produce a hybrid SUV that would offer the cleaner drive of a hybrid without sacrificing power. With concerns about the environment and the amount of pollution from gasoline vehicles, consumers wanted such an SUV.

With hybrid vehicles, the larger the vehicle, the less powerful it is. Consumers want an SUV for its power and capabilities and with the earlier models of hybrid SUV’s they were rather disappointed. As you can see with an SUV it was difficult to find both power and the benefits of a hybrid.

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid may not offer the best mileage, however, it does average 600 miles to a tank of gas, but it does give the power consumers are used to from a gasoline SUV and it has significantly lower emissions. This cleaner SUV is helping to cut pollution and allowing consumers to still follow their love of these large, all terrain vehicles.

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid offers all the features of a gasoline Highlander. It comes with an optional navigation system, third row seating, storage, keyless entry, roof rack, towing capabilities and airbags. It has electric brake, throttle and steering, as well.

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid runs off the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive technology and features a 3mz FE 3.3 liter V6 engine. It is built tough and strong to compare to gasoline SUV’s.

With the Toyota Highlander Hybrid consumers are able to help stop pollution that is such a concern with these large vehicles without giving up the power and the look they like in an SUV.

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