Truck Backup Alarms – More Important Than You Think

Sometimes when we "back up" we feel that there is this small chance that we would run into something- causing undue stress and lack of concentration. This fear is not unfounded. In a 2007 vehicular accidents report, a staggering fifteen percent increase has been noted on accidents caused by vehicles that are moving in reverse.

What is the main cause of these accidents, and how can these accidents be avoided, anyway? There is just one answer for this: lack of visibility. Truth is, driving, parking, towing and backing up all work through estimation. All drivers know this. You estimate the dimensions of your vehicle relative to the road, to other vehicles and other structures around you.

With this basic estimation you build your working knowledge of a vehicle- without the dimensions, you will not know when to press the brakes, when to stop completely or when to accelerate.

Sometimes, estimation is not enough. When we realize that backing up is not our skill, we need to get electronic aid. We need truck backup alerts.

Handicap and Solutions

Truck drivers have two handicaps working against them: first is the relative distance from the back of the vehicle, which makes estimation difficult if you're simply going to base the distances via the rearview mirror and the side mirrors. The second handicap is the height of the truck cab (where the driver is located) in relation to ground level and the distance to the rear of the vehicle. Once you relace these two handicaps, you would be amazed how truck drivers can safely back up their vehicles.

If you drive a truck and you've rather take risks, then you can use truck backup alerts to make your life easier. How do these backup alarms work? The basic type of truck backup alarm uses sensors to calculate the distance between the rear of your vehicle and any object behind it.

When an object crosses the "safe distance", the device will warn you via electronic voice that you are approaching it. The device will then measure the distance in meters or inches until it finally says "impact!"

Other truck backup alerts include visual panels that you can install right in front of you so you can see a representation of your vehicle as it moves back, complete with distance calculation in meters.

Modern versions of these devices now include GPS or global positioning system to make driving safe too. The GPS feeds can guide you while backing up.

Source by Ace Smith

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