Truck Driver Salaries

The United States trucking industry hauls more than nine billion tonnes of the country's freight every year. That works out to be over 64 percent of the nation's cargo. How important is trucking to American consumers? The number of communities that totally depend on trucking for the delivery of their merchandise is a staggering seventy (70) percent!

If the American truckers decided to go on strike, this country would be doomed. Within a matter of days store shelves would be empty, and all the necessities that we, the consumers, take for granted would be gone. Within a week's time, we would have the appearance of a third world country. It's true what they say. . . "Without Trucks … America STOPS!"

The trucking industry brings in a yearly revenue estimated at slightly over 255 billion dollars. Common carriers annual revenue is estimated at approximately 98 billion. This is no easy task, since the operating ratio for these trucking companies is estimated at approximately 95.2 percent, meaning that for every dollar in revenue, it costs the trucking company 95.2 cents to operate. This gives them a profit of only 4.8 cents per dollar. There are a lot of miles being driven!

On the average, an over the road driver will run 100,000 miles per year. That is the same as driving around the Earth four times! As an over the road driver for 21 years, accumulating approximately 2,220,000 miles, it is the same as having driven around our planet slightly more than 89 times. I know professional drivers who have completed five million miles in their careers. . . that is 200.75 times around the Earth! Amazing when you think about it.

What can a driver expect to make in salary for all these sections? The average company driver now earns between $ 32,400 and $ 42,300. . . depending on the size of the company. The majority of owner operators gross salaries varies between $ 100,000 and $ 150,000 per year, but with an average operating cost of 50%, their net income incomes $ 50,000 to $ 75,000. . . if they're lucky.

If a company "promises" that you will earn $ 60,000 per year or more as a company driver, be very leery. It just does not happen in the real world. The over all average per year. . . $ 35,000 gross. Is this worth all the stress and headaches that come with over the road trucking? Is it worth being away from your family for long periods of time? These are questions you will have to ask yourself and contemplate with your loved ones.

Trucking is an awesome asset to our country and our way of life. The general public does not understand this. As a driver, you play a major role in keeping our "way of life" going. Do not forget that when you are traveling around the Earth.

Source by Aubrey Allen Smith


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