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Truck tire bargains on the internet used to be limited to mainly auction websites. When one considers the number of rip-off merchants in one particular online auction site, it is not so surprising to find that tire buyers tend to stay away.

Choosing a truck tire looks reliably easy, however, it can be a bummer if you come up with the wrong type for your vehicle. Fitted and correct tires for two to three ton vehicles, including possible cargo, play an important part in safe and smooth travel. Therefore, you must have certain of the kind of tire you need to buy.

The Right Truck Tire

Due to the diverse sizes and models of trucks, along with tires to match, shopping for truck tires is not so simple as, say, candles. Prices vary, too, depending on the main use of your truck. Here are some things to keep in mind before you go online.

Do not bother with super-low profile tires, for commercial vehicles. These tires are prior to damage from such things as driveway lips and curbs. Buying this kind of tire will definitely cost more in the long run.

Commercial trucks require a high-ply tire that will withstand a lot of weight. These run with high air pressure and are expensive when bought new. You can save on these by buying retreads. With low-profile tires on a recreational truck, with little rubber on the side walls, lets you run a larger rim than normal.

For a truck that is used every day for both pleasure and work, radial tires have ply cords that are laid at right angles to the center line of the tread, making for a smooth ride. Radial tires are more forgiving on roadways that are paved or concreted. They offer excellent transaction in wet conditions. Truck tire size rating can be found on the side of your original tire. If better performance is needed, you can always upgrade, remembering – do not go over-board, always stay in the middle ground of what is suggested.

Truck tire speed rating is the speed range at which a truck tire can be used at different speed and load conditions. For example, most common design uses "V" category for 240 km / h or 149mph speed range and "Z" speed rating for top speed. This ensures that you can safely drive the tire on the speed you choose.

Truck tire load rating index is the assigned numbers delegated to a tire that will tell you the safe load that can be used for a tire. Again use moderation when selecting this, but know first what kind of load you will be using with the tires. The higher the number the higher the load you can have (of course the more expensive it is).

If you are unfamiliar about your particular tires, go to the vehicles identification sticker (located in the vehicles door or glove box) or owners manual, for the information you need. In there you will find the speed, rim size and allowable payload intended for your truck tire and wheel.

Most online stores have the proper size index form where you can input your vehicle information. After feeding this info, the corresponding truck tire specifications will be given to you based on different types of brands.

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