Types Of Four Poster Beds

The four poster beds are the epitome of style and elegance and consists of four vertical columns one on each corner of the bed. There is rectangular panel above these four columns that is called the tester used to hang curtains traditionally made to keep away draughts. These four poster beds are decorated beautifully and carved intricately to give it the classic touch. Usually these beds are made from oak wood to make them look magnificent and regal and come in huge sizes. There symbols of luxury were used to adorn castles and the houses of the rich. In many cases the beds are used without testers simply for the traditional look and comfortable sleep. For those keen on doing up their house in an antique manner, four poster beds are a great choice in keeping with the English garden flavor. The four poster bed can radically change the overall look and ambience of the room and are known to be long lasting too. Styles of this type of bed range from the lofty canopy style to the low beds. Types of four poster beds:: 2Wooden poster beds are made from mahogany, oak or ash wood and are found in a multitude of designs. 3Pencil style beds: the four columns here are pointed in the manner of pencils but are no longer used to hold drapes. 4Low bed styles: as the name suggests here the four columns are not as high and they do not hold a tester. 5Junior canopy style: these have lofty columns to hold a tester and a low foot board panel lower than the mattress on top. 6Half-tester beds: have two not so high posts at the foot and two headboards to hold the tester. 7Canopy beds look classier with four vertical posts and a foot board panel parallel to the mattress. The overall look of your bedroom is bound to change once you incorporate four poster beds as part of your house décor. However factors that are responsible for the decline in popularity of these beds are: 8Today interior décor is all about creating a sleek look that looks grand and luxurious and not time consuming. 9Customers do not like spending for something that they have no need for. As years passed, the tester slowly became redundant as curtains were not required to be hung anymore and the beds cost more for maintenance to preserve the wood quality. Now incidentally you can see these beds only in heritage buildings that cater to a royal style of living. Since time immemorial the four poster beds have been famous for their classy yet simple look and have been in heavy demand for years. The charm of this furniture is likely to mesmerize people even in the years to come.

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