Water Fuel Cell For Trucks – Convert Your Truck to Run on Water

Recently, there was news report that Iran has test-fired their short and long range missiles. The country is showing off its military might to the rest of the Western world. Iran is also one of the world's largest crude oil producers. The latest fiasco has made the world economy nervous and gasoline prices to went sky high. Almost all of our country vehicle uses internal combustion engine and is totally dependent on fossil fuel. Many people are finding it hard to fuel their cars especially truck owners. This is because trucks usually travel long distances and uses a larger engine capacity and consume more gas. Is there any way to reduce the fuel cost? One of the suggestions is to use water fuel cell for trucks. This article will provide some information about the subject.

The technology of using water fuel cell for trucks is by installing an electrolysis device to the engine. The science behind the fuel cell is to extract hydrogen gas (H2) from water and vent it into the air intake system. From there, it will be diverted into the combustion chambers and mixed with gasoline vapor. The combined gases are capable of producing a higher engine output. With the same amount of fuel and a higher engine power, a truck will travel further so increasing its mileage and saving cost.

In the past, in order to convert a truck to use water fuel cell, one has to invest thousands of dollars. The modification process can only be done by a trained professional. Luckily, with some technical advancement, a truck owner can modify this vehicle to run on water with less than $ 150. Most of the parts and tools needed for the project can be purchased from a hardware store. For truck owners, any ideas that can help them to save fuel cost will be a blessing.

Source by Will Yap

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