What Is a Belly Dump Truck?

In these times of fast growing industrial advancement, the dump truck has been part of the fast-paced development in the construction and mining industries. The wide variety and usability of these vehicles are exhibited in the transport of different kinds of loose materials from one place to the other. Whether it is the tallest building in the city or the simplest house in the country, these vehicles have been a great part of the development you see all around you!

A belly dump truck , also commonly known as a semi-bottom dump, is one of the many different types of dump vehicles that have a tractor with 3 axles, and this tractor pulls a 2-axle trailer. The trailer has a warehouse or belly that holds materials and under the belly is where the dump gate is located.


1. Loads can be dumped in an elongated pile or in a wind row. These trucks are very useful in constructing newly graded earthworks where materials are laid down and then distributed evenly by aaving machine.

2. These vehicles have reverse maneuvers. Having the capability of reverse maneuvering helps to distribute materials evenly on construction sites. Double and triple trailer bottom dump trucks do not possess this reverse maneuvering capability.

3. These vehicles have the ability to spread materials evenly, although they do not work well with larger materials. Gravel and similar smaller materials can be dumped even within the width of the belly opening compartment.

4. There is more controlled unloading by the driver when slowly moving while dumping their payloads.

5. One big advantage is the smaller chance of tip-over. When payloads are easily and quickly unloaded through the bottom of belly, there can be little to no chance of the dump truck tipping over.

6. The safety of this vehicle is better when compared to other similar types. It is safer because the belly gate is hydraulically operated and the sides slope to the bottom, so materials just drop easily and immediately from the box to the ground.

Driver Requirements

Belly dump truck drivers are required to have a commercial driver's license. Furthermore, drivers are required to have sufficient skills and experience in processing different kinds of materials and know the safety precautions for dumping. Although dumping this kind of truck has a smaller chance of tip-over, it is equally important to have such knowledge in preventing future accidents.

Occidentally it is necessary to have a special driving endorsement for hauling some unique cargo types. More often, the driver is required to have some type of prior experience before getting hired for this type of work.

Payload Weight Limits

Payload weight limits play an important role not only for road and bridge safety but also for the machine itself. The driver should be able to determine and estimate the amount of materials to be loaded in the box, as overloading could cause damage to the belly warehouse and even to the whole functionality of the truck.

Materials should be evenly distributed inside the belly compartment so that the weight is also even spread inside the bed. In this way, drivers will find it easier to release the cargo from the belly to the ground and will have more control while dumping the cargo to the ground.

The belly dump truck is a unique looking and working vehicle. Although not applicable to every dumping need, this type of vehicle serves a construction purpose not readily duplicated. Hopefully, this is the right truck for your particular work application!

Source by Christopher M. Hunter

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