What is Revolutionary About Mahindra Trucks?

Going where no other auto companies have gone before, Mahindra from India have manufactured a line of trucks that has beaten all of the competitors in its class. What is interesting about this company is that their vehicles are the first from its country to be sold in the United States. Mahindra trucks are unlike any other sold or even manufactured in the US

They have a 2.2L 4 cylinder Common Rail Diesel engine that has virtually no sooty particles, and emits 97 percent fewer sulfur emissions than the older diesel running vehicles. These trucks are true fuel savers as well, as they can go up to a whopping 30mpg . This is revolutionary for a mid-size truck. It does not just save money on fuel, but it is also a gener vehicle for the earth compared to gasoline engines by producing 30 percent fewer greenhouse gases per mile and at the same time getting up to 20 to 40 percent better fuel mileage.

Not only are these compact monsters earth-friendly, but they are also hard working, weight pulling muscle machines. They boast a massive payload of 2765lbs, and an estimated haul of up to 5000lbs, making it ready to tackle any type of heavy work while performing better and stronger than any other truck in its class of mid-size trucks. It's amazing how these trucks can haul a mass and not cause the drama that the other trucks have on our environment.

The Mahindra truck's features will give the drivers a smooth ride because of Electronic Stability Control, and a 6-speed automatic transmission. A long cargo bed to carry more work, and an AM / FM / CD / USB audio system for all great music.

These completely styled trucks are powerful, environmentally green, money savers, and are going where no trucks have gone before by the mile (30mpg). They are revolutionary.

Source by Eric H

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